Since its inception in 1994, the Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM) has become the standard by which government financial management professionals are measured. Its education, experience and ethics requirements have served to elevate the most seasoned financial professionals.

More than 15,000 individuals have received the designation so far. Now it's your turn. Experience the benefits of certification first hand—the CGFM is the mark of excellence in your profession. We look forward to adding your name to our distinguished list of Certified Government Financial Managers.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of accountants and auditors is expected to grow 22 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is must faster than the average of all occupations. Accountants and auditors that hold a college degree or certification will have the best job prospects.

Give Yourself an Edge Over Your Competitors

Recent research has shown that employers attribute their recruiting difficulties to a shortage of qualified professionals. Give yourself a competitive advantage by showing your commitment to lifelong learning. You need a credential that shows you are qualified and have the skills to lead. The Certified Government Financial Manager does this like no other credential.

The CGFM is the first certification broad enough to cover the whole field of government financial management—federal, state and local. It measures a wide range of knowledge and skills that a professional needs to succeed in the federal government financial environment, or to meet the unique challenges faced by state and local government financial managers.

“In today's complex and changing world, a professional certification provides prospective employers with a degree of confidence that candidates are prepared for the real world." —John Radford, CGFM, State Controller, State of Oregon

Value and Recognition of the CGFM Credential

The foundation of the CGFM is the requirement for Education, Experience and Examinations. Building on this foundation is a Code of Ethics and required Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

This designation is already recognized as a professional standard. Each year, more and more federal agencies and state and local governments are realizing the value of the CGFM and are formally embracing the designation. It is often listed as a preferred hiring qualification on federal RFPs. The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Board of Regents has also recognized the CGFM. It is accepted as a waiver for part IV of the CIA examination.

Toward the Future

The challenge facing today's government financial managers is to keep up with the changing times. New innovations, new regulations and new methods of implementation require staying abreast of the latest developments.

AGA presents a dynamic program of educational events every year that will expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

The field of government financial management will be far different tomorrow from what it is today. Having a broad knowledge and a recognized professional designation will be the way to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

There's no time like the present for joining the thousands of other leaders in government financial management who already have discovered the unique value and benefit of the CGFM designation.

“Professional recognition through certification or other designation provides a distinct advantage in the job market. Certification can attest to professional competence in a specialized field of accounting and auditing." —Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition

One of the key findings of AGA’s 2010 Compensation Survey is that those who had earned a CGFM designation reported a higher average salary than those who do not hold this certification: $105,815 compared to $78,905, a difference of 34 percent. When compared to the average salary of individuals with no designations—$68,416—the average salary of CGFMs was 55 percent higher.

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