President's Message

posted Oct 1, 2014, 11:26 AM by Denver Aga

Fellow members and chapter supporters –

My name is Dennis Sullivan and I’m honored to serve as your chapter president for the 2014-15 program year. I’ve been serving the government financial management community for 24 years, both as a government employee (14 years) and a consultant (nearly 10 years). I first joined AGA in 2002. Over that time I’ve stayed engaged with AGA for many reasons, but 2 float to the top:

 I value the relationships I’ve made through AGA. There are so many people I’ve met, learned from, and, as a result, grown personally and professionally.

 The dollars I spend on AGA membership dues pay for themselves. Our AGA membership dues provide a 500% return through benefits such as: training discounts; AGA’s quarterly journal; access to various tools and thought leadership references through the national website; free access to career planning and mentoring; and many others.

The chapter’s board met on June 18th to decide upon areas of focus for the year. We considered many inputs to provide context for our decisions: 1) the annual member survey; 2) an analysis of chapter strengths and opportunities for improvement; 3) best practices from other chapters. Highlights of our plan include:

1. Diversifying the CPE program:

In addition to offering the monthly audio conference program and annual PDT event, we will add 2 in-person speaking events throughout the program year. We also intend to diversify topics by increasing emphasis on local governments at all our events. Finally, we are looking for opportunities to alternate locations throughout town.

2. Revitalizing opportunities for networking:

As a starting point, we’ll be adding a networking event in conjunction with each in-person speaking event. More to come as the events take shape.

3. Opportunity for financial assistance to become a Certified Government Financial Manager:

We will offer 4 scholarships that provide you the opportunity to fund the full cost of earning this certification.

4. Promote the value of AGA membership within and outside the Chapter.

Our activities here start with delivering on what we plan for the year so that each of our members experiences the value of membership. But it also includes exposing AGA to the government community more broadly.

I look forward to serving you this year and I encourage each of you to take advantage of your membership.

Dennis R. Sullivan, President

Denver AGA Chapter